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This game is hella dope. Mechanics are super reactive dodgeball, kinda reminds me of the hypest moments in Lethal League.

Everything is really well balanced. You'd think that a cross-screen laser would be overpowered as you could just aim at an enemy and fire, but everyone moves just quickly enough that this isn't a reliable technique. It's all been really thought out.

Music is insanely got, a mix of house, trance, and fast-pumping techno to match the gameplay and pixel-art aesthetic. They really nailed it here.

It's a riot when you've got four human players in the room, very easy to pick up and understand the rules. And for this purpose, there's an option in the settings menu that unlocks everything from the get-go, so it's easy to bring this over to a friend's place and to play with all the characters and arenas unlocked.

Only downside is that although the game has really low minimum requirements, there's no way to set the resolution in-game. So if you're running a weak GPU on a 4K display, you'll be forced to either play in windowed or get frame drops. Not an issue if you've got decent specs or a 1080p display.

Overall would highly recommend.

This game is really fun! I've been going through story mode so far and I love the variety of games and challenges so far.

The only frustration I have are against the knight enemies. It feels like they're constantly making unavoidable attacks by shooting bullets as they teleport right next to me, and firing right after I respawn. I'm basically waiting for a round where I'm lucky enough to avoid unfair attack patterns. 

Other than that, it's been a really fantastic game!

I don't know how to save my progress, does anyone know?

This game is so much fun! I can't believe it isn't more well known.

If you liked Speedball 2 back in the day you will love this.

So fast. So funky. So many game modes: and they are all great!

So many levels and characters to unlock all with their own little twists to the gameplay.

Plays supremely solo, or multiplayer.

I adore this game!

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I can't open this on my MacBook PRO! Please help! It says I don't have permission even tho I'm the admin on my laptop.

Hi! Just notice that Mac demo version don't let me play the game, I'm on the main menu, I hit X on the PLAY button, it's activated but nothing happens (macOS HS 10.13.6).

The game is candy! So much flavor so much buzz love. 

Super snappy controls. There are some wonderful mechanics that have been executed with precision. Care for all the details gives such strong appeal. Killer work Moonradish!

Great Game !

I had a lot of fun playing the demo.
The Pixelart ist amazing und the soundtrack is gorgeous.
It's a really great game it is a must play for every coop fan ^^.

Couldn't agree with you any more!

Wand Wars